Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Google Chromebooks and SMARTboards Interactive White Boards

Schools that have been looking for a cost-effective technology platform to roll out to their students have been comparing the Apple iPad and the variety of Google Chromebooks that are on the market.  While there are many benefits for the students to move towards a Google Chromebook for their work, it has often been said that it is no platform for teachers because of the vast application restrictions that exist.  In short, if it doesn't exist in the Google Chrome Store -- it won't work on your Chromebook.

That issue has been getting smaller and smaller every day, including support for Adobe Photoshop - read more here.  And there will be follow up articles regarding some great apps for Chromebooks in education!

One of the things so many teachers love are their interactive white boards.  Until recently, if you had a Chromebook you were pretty much out of luck in relation to your interactive white board. But thanks to the folks at SMART, if you have a SMART branded interactive white board, you can actually open, edit and create your SMARTNotebook files on the Internet now with SmartNoteBook.Com!

SmartNoteBook.Com allows you to dear nearly everything you can do in your desktop application -- and runs smoothly on your Google Chromebook!  There still isn't anything out there that allows you to plug your interactive white board into your Chromebook and use it interactively like your Windows or Mac based computer, but hey... it could happen.

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