Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Common Core Digital Curriculum Mapping with BYOC

Most experts will agree that a quality education within any school is rooted in its curriculum. Most schools continue to create, analyze, update and store their curriculum map in binders that are kept in various places... and each year they pull these out, review and make changes. Some schools do this by a creating a team that has to all come together and meet each time they want to review the information. Sometimes a school will have the key stakeholders review it independently and then get together on it, and others have built some sort of electronic method to store information that can be reviewed and then meet on it.

So how does a school minimize the time and maximize the return on the effort that is put into this all-important part of building the base of what is one of the most important parts of what happens in the classroom? The key to this is having all the information in the same place. That place should be accessible to anyone on the team at any time. And the team members should be able to collaborate and make changes to the curriculum map on the fly, and everyone should always have direct access to the same information.

Enter Build Your Own Curriculum by School Software Group. BYOC (as they call it) is a web-based Curriculum Mapping product that is delivered with State and National Standards pre-populated (if you wish) or not at all. This includes all the Common Core standards, too. And it allows you to build, store and access your curriculum map year-to-year very easily.

Using this approach, BYOC allows teachers and administrators to quickly locate and use resources that will help build and enhance your courses. The product allows you to easily see things like: how well the scope and sequence works, how the school is meeting (or not) the standards, how well the assessments are working within the curriculum and more. One of the greatest things about BYOC is that it allows each district/school to see what other member schools are doing. Need some inspiration? You can easily see how another school, anywhere in the country, is doing it! You can also create public views of your curriculum map for parents to view via the web.
BYOC is a great product for any school looking to move their curriculum mapping into the Internet and Cloud-based services era. On their website, you can get a preview of how it works on their Sample Curriculum pages with live, real schools who chose to share it. Check it out via SchoolSoftwareGroup.Com!

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