Friday, September 5, 2014

The College Prep PodCast - Give Away and Great Advice!

From time-to-time someone recommends something for me to check out, and I usually do.  And once in a while, it is actually pretty good.  The College Prep PodCast is one of those things that is actually pretty good!  If you are a College Counselor or a student approaching those years where it is time to start preparing for and thinking deeply about college and your future, this is something for you!

The College Prep PodCast is hosted by the dynamic team of Megan Dorsey (a college admissions consultant) and Gretchen Wegner (an academic life coach).  Together they give you the ins-and-outs of preparing for and getting into the college you most want to attend!  The PodCast is *free* but the guidance is priceless!  During the podcast, Megan and Gretchen take students and families though troublesome subjects for most folks.  They hold your hands while they explain what to do, and what not to do on subjects such as: overcoming procrastination, hiring the right tutor, how to pay for college, college admissions timeline and more!  

A really exciting thing they are doing now is hosting a fabulous giveaway.  It features over $2000 worth of items, which includes an iPad mini, Amazon gift cards, SAT Success Online Prep Program, Starbucks gift card and more.  Take a look at this link to find out more about this awesome giveaway.

Here's the bottom line:  Everyone could use some help and advice when it comes to preparing for paying for and getting into college... right?  Gretchen and Megan are your answer!  Stop by and check out their informative, helpful and free podcast at!  You won't be sorry!

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