Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Common Core Math Standards Testing App for iOS and iPad

Common Core...  love it or hate it, it is here.  There is certainly a wealth of debate on the Internet about whether Common Core is good... bad... or something else.  But, if you have a student in public school today they are being taught from the Common Core.  And even independent schools are taking their cues from Common Core.  So -- when an app (or series of apps) come along that help teachers, students and/or parents with Common Core, that is a good thing!

Enter an app from BrightMinds called Common Core State Standards Grade 3 Practice Math Test.  This app runs on any iPad running iOS 4.3 or above (which is any iPad) and puts the student through a series of grade appropriate, Common Core consistent questions that help prepare the student and asses the students level of knowledge within the 3rd grade Common Core standards.

As you can see by the screen shot above, the app is very easy to use and laid out so that anyone can read the screen and answer the questions.  The skills that are testes are consistent with the standards and tell the student and teacher what needs to be addressed and improves upon before the actual tests are given.  The specific areas that the test hits home on are Operations and Algebraic thinking, Numebers & Operations in Base Ten, Numbers and Fractions, Measurement & Data and Geometry.

This app looks perfect for any school that has iPads and is looking for an easy way to assess students progress in the all important area of mathematics.  And for $1.99 it is positioned in a good place for anyone to give Common Core State Standards Grade 3 Practice Math Test a try.

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