Friday, October 10, 2014

Interactive Touch Surface with Zmartframe Touchmax!

A recurring theme in classroom technology is being able to create a viewable and interactive screen for students and teachers to use.  Traditionally, this has been the interactive whiteboard.  As technology moves forward and prices come down, more and more we are seeing televisions enter into this marketplace as a viable alternative.  The ZmartframeTouchmax looks to change ALL your perceptions about viewable, touchable and interactive lessons in your classroom!

The Zmartframe Touchmax is an Indiegogo project that is a frame that goes around any surface and creates a touchable surface.  It could be wood, drywall, marker board, glass... anything!  It works with any existing projector, no matter the age or resolution.  And the projected cost of the Touchmax is a fraction of what interactive whiteboards -- plus no pens!  Just imagine being able to make anything in your classroom -- from a wall, to a board, to a table, to an existing monitor -- an interactive surface!  The implications are staggering!

Having seen it in action, this is truly one of the most exciting potential products at this price point in this market that I've seen in some time!  You can watch a video of the product below.  Take a minute and get all the details on the Zmartfram Touchmax on their Indiegogo page and consider supporting this project to make it a reality!

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