Friday, October 17, 2014

Introduce kids to robotics with ROMO: Your Personal Smartphone Robot!

One of the things I love the most about working in educational technology is coming across something neat, fun and educational to share with students.  While surfing on I came across a couple of things, but this one really caught my eye.

It's called Romo: the Smartphone Robot!  

While Romo was largely designed to entertain you, if you look at what it is and what it does there are a number of educational opportunities here.  Romo is a fully motorized, durable plastic base with tracks and gears that enable its movement.  The base is controlled by an app that runs on your iPhone (sorry Android, that support it supposed to be in the works).  The iPhone is connected via the headphone jack (which may be a little awkward given that they are on the bottom now - this picture is using an iPhone 3G) and delivers its commands through this interface.  Simple plug-and-play!   You can also control it via your iPad with your iPhone plugged in -- very cool stuff!

But the fun is in the missions that are included in the app.  The missions allow students an entry-level method to get into robotics and how robots work that is different from LEGO MindStorms.  The programming is simple, yet allows for a great deal of complexity in what you ask Romo to do.  I think that this product has direct implications for grades 4-8, and maybe even some introduction to robotics courses in high school that might move on into LEGO MindStorms.  Check it out!

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