Monday, April 14, 2014

Put the Web to work in your American History Classroom!

Here's a little secret.  I'm a huge history geek.  And while I geek for just about anything historical, my interest is particularly piqued when we are talking about American history.  Civil War, World War II, Grand Canyon, Native Americans, Westward Movement.. yup... all of it... including the American Revolution.

Enter the American Revolution Center's online presence.  This website has a very cool interactive timeline about this time period in U.S. history.  The timeline itself features an easily navigated combination of interactive text and images.  Click on any event to view
information regarding that particular event.  Select an  image of an artifact on the timeline to see an enlarged version of that artifact as well as a description of the item, and in some instances, a video about the object will also be available.

The American Revolution interactive timeline is a great visual that can be utilized as an introduction and/or a review of this topic of study.  And timelines are really great teaching tools, one could challenge students to do their own with my favorite timeline site: Timetoast.

Additionally, the website includes a plethora or GREAT lesson plans to perk up ANY classroom!

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