Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Foodie Review: Union Jack's Old Congo Inn in Barto, PA

Union Jack's Congo Hotel
373 Hoffmansville Road
Barto, PA 19504

This sure seems like a great place!  My wife went here one time for a party and they had a sampling of the food -- she said the wings are incredible and we must go there for their Wednesday Night Wing Night!

So we did...

We've been there three times now and each time the wings have been great!  The sauce is tasty and they have many flavors... want it hot?  They got that... want it sweet?  Yup... want a mix?  Try the Carib-BBQ or the TexMex!

The wings were very good, the service was very good -- very friendly!  I have only two criticisms of the place so far... they have no kids menu and the sauce on the wings does not last...  What do I mean by that?  So they have a rule, you can't order wings just to take home.. no problem there.  But we order 20 and usually had 4 or 5 left... we take them home.. the next day the flavor is gone...  nothing wrong with them, they just lose their flavor... and I'm a big fan of leftover wings and chicken!!  I love going to KFC, getting an 8 piece, eating 2 or 3 and then savoring the left overs all week.

All in all, we will continue to eat there -- maybe even try a non-wing night.

Atmosphere: 3/5 - Noisy and bar-like but not offensive.
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 3.75/5

Pros: Excellent wings, great wing-night prices, good sauce!
Cons: So-so chicken fingers, no kids menu - had to order my little guy a full meal.
Go Again: Definitely!

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