Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Little Clever's Learning Apps for Preschoolers

It's simple... it's easy... and most of all, it is fun.  The Apps created by Little Clever speak to your preschooler in a way apps haven't been able to in the past.  The company is on a mission to create apps that help your preschooler develop critical thinking skills coupled with the mechanical skills that are necessary as they grow older in a technical world.  They create games that support children's learning and development through fun, interactive games that help develop hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, numeracy and language.

Currently, they have two apps.  Both are available for your Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices -- and couldn't be easier to download and install for your little one.  Both games respect your privacy by not collecting any data about you, or your little one's gaming habits and there are no advertisements at all -- plus work great in "Airplane Mode" so that they can play the games any time, anywhere. 

The first game they offer is completely free!  The 21 Animal Puzzles for Children app features 21 different animal themed puzzles, each with 7 levels of difficulty giving you a total of 147 different puzzles!  These animals can come from one of two areas:  The Farm or The Riverside.  The difficulty on the app can be set to adapt to your child's progression and has some really great, friendly and fun sounds and voices in it!

The second game is not free, but features 101 different animals from 9 different places (The Farm, Riverside, Woodland, In The Sea, Africa, In the Garden, Dinosaurs, Pets and Around the World).  This app would literally be a never ending source of animal puzzles for your preschooler!

Want to know more?  Visit them at LittleClever.Com and check out the promo video below!

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