Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Foodie Review: Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings
1510 Egypt Road
Phoenixville, PA

As a rule, I absolutely adore buffalo wings.  And -- as another rule, if you have a bunch of sauces of differing types and hotness -- even better!  I have seen commercials for Buffalo Wild Wings all over as I've traveled around, and always lamented that there wasn't one closer to where we live that we could try.  Well, now there is!  The new one in Phoenixville opened up a couple of months ago, and the wife and I were heading home from King of Prussia and decided to give it a whirl.  Possibly the worst food-related decision since the Mighty Wings.

To begin with, as we were pulling up to the restaurant we weren't entirely clear if it was open.  It was around 5:00PM and the sign was not lit up nor were there any exterior lights on.  But based on the cars in the parking lot we figured it was.  As soon as we walked in the door we were smacked in the face by a cacophony of noise.  Between the TVs, waitstaff and patrons, this place was very, very loud.  It was busy, but we were seated quickly.  It only took moments to realize that we were surrounded by ten televisions with various sporting events on and the volume of one was quite loud.  We tried to have a conversation about what to order, but that was quickly squashed because we had to shout to hear each other.

Our waiter, Brian, was very cordial and very good.  He took our orders, answered our questions and even got me a sample of one of their featured beers.  It is worth noting that they had two featured beers, one of which was Bud Light (Really?) and the other he told me was a dark beer.  When he brought the sample, it was not a dark beer at all.  He apologized for his mistake.  No big deal.  We ordered and waited for our food... and waited... and waited.  Brian came over and explained to us that the kitchen runs on a rotating cycle, and sometimes that makes things take longer but everything comes out together and hot.  That's fine.

Eventually our food did come out.  My wife got a buffalo chicken sandwich and I got the Thai Curry boneless wings.  I'm too lazy to deal with bones anymore... After one or two bites, we both decided that while they smelled delicious, they lacked any sauce.  We asked for extra sauce -- and Brian was happy to oblige.  We say and waited and waited.. no sauce.  So I started eating and found that I could barely taste the sauce and the chicken was over-breaded and hard.  So I waited for sauce.  About ten minutes later, Brian came by and we reminded him about the sauce.... he apologized and told us about the kitchen thing rotating or whatever and it makes things take longer.  I just want a cup of sauce.

Finally, we got more sauce.  After two pieces of chicken I understood why they barely put any sauce on -- it was terrible.  It was salty and had very little actual curry flavoring to it.  So, I had dry chicken -- and a disgusting sauce.  My wife had a similar reaction to their "classic" buffalo sauce.  Very salty and barely edible.  After asking for a refill on our drinks (which took ten minutes) we decided to bail on this meal, which ended up costing twice what it should have.

Overall, I disliked Buffalo Wild Wings enough that we will never eat there again.  It was too loud, too expensive and the food was possibly the worst buffalo style restaurant I've ever been to.  I don't usually write scathing reviews like this -- but I had such high hopes for this place, that even now -- almost a week later -- I'm sadly disappointed.

Atmosphere: 1/5 - It's a bar that serves food, and a poor one at that.
Service: 3/5
Food: 1/5
Price: 1/5
Overall: 1.5/5

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