Thursday, December 4, 2014

Driving Simulator for Testing and Research

 When I was in high school, everyone wanted their driver's license.  It was a key to life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of going to the mall!  I guess that dates me a little bit... but we all wanted to drive!  I went to a private military school, and we did not have driver training like the local public schools did.  But today, many private schools do offer some soft of driver instruction -- and of course there is tech for that. 

Can't hire a driving instructor?  Well -- what about a driving simulator?  Need to do research on driving habits or how certain road conditions can affect the way a car handles?  Enter a driving simulator!

At Carnetsoft, they have created an affordable Driving Simulator that any school can get into and make available to their students.  This software can help students become comfortable with driving under conditions, help treat people who have fear of driving, can help people brush up on their basic driving skills and can even help test people who tend to fall asleep at the wheel.

Not only can you have people just use it, but you can use it for research as well.  You can create any number of customized courses with various different road and weather conditions, and then store it in a database that keeps track of things like reaction time, success in navigating courses and many more variables.  This system can be used for testing of individuals, or research projects that students at high school or university level might be doing.

Sound awesome?  Check it out on Carnetsoft's website -- and see how this system can benefit you and your students!

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