Friday, November 27, 2015

BLACK FRIDAY -- The Star of Christmas BOOK EXCERPT

Although I do not do it often, today I am going to post a few excerpts from my novels.  This excerpt is from my wonderfully illustrated children's book, The Star of Christmas.  It tells the story of Anna, a little star who does God's will -- and it rewarded for her service to the Lord with an important task.


As they waited for God, some of the stars saw Anna, the smallest star in the galaxy.
“Surely you don’t think that God would select you?” said Tariq, one of the largest stars.
“What could you possibly have to offer God?” added Vega, another prominent star.

“I am here because it is God’s will,” said Anna.

Anna turned and made her way to the back of the room to watch the presentations. 

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Bruce holds a degree in Computer Science from Temple University, a Graduate Certificate in Biblical History from Liberty University and is working towards a Masters Degree in American History at American Public University.  He has worked in educational and technology for over 18 years, specializes in building infrastructures for schools that work to support the mission of technology in education in the classroom.  He also has served as a classroom teacher in Computer Science, History and English classes.  

Bruce is the author of five books: Sands of TimeTowering Pines Volume One:Room 509The Star of ChristmasPhiladelphia Story: A Lance Carter Detective Novel and The Insider's Story: A Lance Carter Detective Novel -- with a new book, Learn the Basics: Digital Forensics, due soon. 

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