Thursday, August 28, 2014

Make Your Classroom Truly Interactive with ClassFlow

When I walk into a school and see that they have interactive whiteboards, I am always intrigued to hear how they actually use them in class.  That conversation generally begins with "Well, I don't really know how to use it..." or "I never got any training..." or "I'm sure I could be doing other things with this..", it really isn't any different at any school.  Sure, there are those who go out of their way to design neat, interactive lessons with their interactive white boards -- but they tend to be a handful at the most.  What we usually end up doing is giving them a tutorial on how to use the whiteboard, and then dive into their curriculum.  What are they teaching?  How?  And how would they like to?  And more-often-than not, we end up with a teacher who really just wants their students to be invested and involved in their learning process.  And they tend to not care if the interactive whiteboard is involved.

Enter ClassFlow.  Now, ClassFlow isn't specifically an interactive whiteboard application -- but it *is* an application that gets your students involved and interactive with the lesson in multiple ways.  You can, of course, use your interactive whiteboard with it -- no sweat there.  And -- it will juice up that lesson, too!  Do you have a Promethean ActivBoard?  If you do then you *must* see ClassFlow and ActivExpression working together - video at the bottom of this post!

Want to see ClassFlow with ActiveExpression?

ClassFlow allows you to design interactive lessons that bring your students into the lesson via an iPad iOS, Android or Windows 8 app.  The ClassFlow Student App is completely free for the students to download, and the use of the web app and tablet apps allow you to create lessons and unify your classes easily, with a few clicks.  It allows you to receive real-time student progress information through a combination of interactive and differentiated assessments.

Sound interesting?  It is!  Here's how you get started (for free by the way):

ClassFlow is a fantastic new platform that any teacher looking to create lessons that are not only interactive, but exciting and become something that students look forward to!  Below is a video that goes over some of the features of ClassFlow.  You can also click HERE to get started!

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